What If?



“What If?” is the great question. “What If?” eliminates constraint. “What If?” opens up a whole new world of endless possibility.

What if I went after my dream? What if I risked everything? What if I never ever ever ever give up?

I wrote this post to encourage people to ask the question: ” What If?”

One of my mentors once told me to never ask “Why?” but to always ask “What If?” He said that by asking what if I would not limit myself to my preconceived ideas of what should be, and by not limiting myself I could be creative. Not only could I be creative, but I could add value to the world in a new and unique way.

I think some of the greats must have asked “What If?”

I know the Wright Brothers asked, “What if we could build something to fly?”

And of course, Martin Luther King Jr. must have asked, “What if America could change?”

And Maybe Christopher Columbus asked, “What if the world was round?”

I think of these and so many others and wonder what set them apart from their peers. Was it just pure talent, or maybe just luck? I don’t think so. I think they asked “What If?” These and many others have asked the question that so many mocked, but in the end it was that “stupid” question that just might have made the difference.

So… I say challenge everything. Question everything. There is always room for improvement and the world will always make way for a person who is willing to ask “What If?”


5 Responses to What If?

  1. motivatemark says:

    Thanks for the entry. That was really good to read. A nice shift in perspective that everyone could follow more often.

  2. Matt Angove says:

    It seems the person who can get beyond or above “if “is very happy indeed because the if is always in the future or a regret of the past. So I say “if it” and then “if it” again and after you have “if’ed that,” “if it.” “if on cowboy.” What if…and “I did” is only a millisecond apart, so “if it” why don’t you!

  3. […] Stuck…ever been there? Ever felt it? Well if you’re human like the rest of us, then the chances are that you have been. But breaking through mental barriers and life’s challenges can be accomplished easier with some tools at hand. So when it comes to being creative, I generally like to try 2 different approaches. The 1st of which is to ask the BIG question of…”What if?” Simple…you bet, but powerful when uttered with intent. I’m actually not going to dive into this direction as Chris has actually just written about the subject here. […]

  4. I don’t think you can ask ‘What If?’ unless you’ve already asked ‘Why?’ and have decided there needs to be change of direction. To me ‘Why?’ gets to the essence of the motives of the heart if asked enough.

    BTW we met at Gateway during a Business Seminar.

  5. thats a good point…I think the idea that I was trying to convey is one of creativity…the hope is that someone would see things without the current limits that have been placed by the forerunners who asked why and thus have given us what we now have…i think by asking “what if” we are taking the mindset that anything is possible and not looking at things through the decision of others who made their decisions on the why…i’m not saying that at some point the why doesn’t come into play, just that in creative thinking eliminating the why”s (which includes the why this can’t be or why it can be) can be valuable to innovation!

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